Neighbors deal w/ noise, low water pressure near Oakland Co. water main break

Posted at 10:29 PM, Oct 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-25 05:34:28-04

This water crisis is affecting thousands of homes and people’s daily living, especially those near the water main break.


It’s been a rough 24 hours for folks after the water main break on 14 Mile between Farmington Road and Drake. It’s been even harder for the people who hear and see the construction non-stop.

After Monday’s water main break along 14 Mile, life for the Rabban and Mangas families have taken a damper.

"The water pressure is low and contaminated possibly,” said Pete Rabban.  

His homes site next to the construction area. The sounds of heavy machinery and people constantly coming and going has taken a toll.

“I like to leave my window open most of the time, and I first heard it this morning and it kept me up,” said Braylon Rabban.

For the Rabban family, they know there’s nothing they can do but wait for repairs to be made.

“It’s just a little inconvenient you know trying to get out of the subdivision," said Pete Rabban.

The Mangas family lives across the street and had been away for the last few days.

“We just got home from out of town, so I’m sure we’ll plan on it this week,” said Jeremy Mangas, when asked about the boil water advisory.

Folks dashed to gas stations, convenience stores and grocery stores to load up on as much bottled water as possible. Sometimes leaving others with nothing.

“It was hard, I had to go the whole day without drinking,” said 14-year-old Braylon Rabban.

For now the two neighbors know they just have to be patient like everyone else, as construction crews work to finish the job.

“These guys seem like there doing a good job getting us back up and running,” said Mangas.

“It is what it is just something you have to deal with when these situations arise,” said Pete Rabban.