Oakland County mom to compete to be 'Next Food Network Star'

Posted at 5:10 PM, May 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-30 17:10:26-04

An Oakland County mom is getting ready to compete for her own show on “The Next Food Network Star.”

Suzanne Lossia says her goal is to introduce the world to the delicious flavors of Chaldean and Middle Eastern food.

She has some experience on Food Network.  She was the winner of Cutthroat Kitchen last year.  She won even though she is a self trained chef.

Lossia says her relationship with food is about more than a resume. It is about perseverance. There was a time when she didn’t dare imagine going for her dreams.

“I came from a very old school family with strong moral values and respect,” explained Lossia.

Her parents immigrated from Iraq in the 1960s, and held on to Chaldean Catholic traditions. She wrote a book titled, “Arranged” about how her father decided who she would marry.  She met her future spouse only a coupe times.  At one point they went out for a couple of hours.

“Five and a half months later I was married,” said Lossia.

She and her husband had two children, but eventually Suzanne said the couple that married as strangers realized they were not meant to be.

“All I wanted was to live the American dream and be independent.”

Right now her American dream is to bring Chaldean and Middle Eastern food to the mainstream, while teaching her sons to go after their own dreams.

“They are my best friends. They are my world. The biggest thing I want to prove to them is no matter what you go  through  in life, believe in yourself. i believed in myself when nobody believed in me,” said Lossia.

You will be able to see Suzanne Lossia compete to be The Next Food Network star when the new season begins on June 4.