Oakland University reports sexual assault

Posted at 8:16 AM, Sep 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-16 08:16:18-04

A campus sexual assault is raising a new level of concern at Oakland University.

Police say a female student was attacked by a man she met through social media.

From Oakland University to colleges nationwide, preventing sexual assault on campus is top priority. But a recent case here is also showing how social media can put students at risk.

"Everybody on my floor, we all ended up discussing about it and talking about what we could really do to keep each other safe when we walk to 8:00 am classes or even night classes," says Freshman Savanna Potter.

The campus is concerned after a female student was sexually assaulted. University Police say it happened Saturday in a car in the parking lot of the Ann V. Nicholson student apartments.

The attack was not random, nor was it student on student. The victim arranged to meet her alleged attacker through social media, opening a new front in the battle against campus sexual assault.

"With all of us wanting to post pictures at college and share all of our fun events and stories that are going on, you don't really know who's seeing it or what they're doing with it," says Potter

Police say they learned of the attack from the hospital where the victim was taken.  She reported the assault anonymously and does not want the police involved.

Fearing the attacker may return, the university issued an alert, informing students there will be increased security, and reminding them of the resources that are available to prevent sexual assault.

Campus police say the suspect is a man of Middle Eastern descent.  He was behind the wheel of a black car.