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Parents urged to take action as more school rumors and threats come in

Posted at 6:12 PM, Feb 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-27 18:12:19-05

More threats made against schools and rumors of threats closed Wayne-Westland Schools. 

A letter to parents at Roseville Middle School followed 3 rumors of threats that were passed around on social media by student. 

According to the Superintendent the rumors included bullets, guns and even a bomb threat  But they were a prank only intended to disrupt the day.

At Hazel Park Schools, the Superintendent and a counselor say school safety are constantly evolving, but one thing is clear, parents need to talk with their kids about spreading rumors and look at that they’re doing on social media apps. 

“That information becomes almost tantalizing to some and instead of going to an adult, they push send again,” said Counselor Carla Kinyon. 

Superintendent Dr. Amy Kruppe says kids don’t understand the ramifications. 

“When you make a threat, you’re going to be out of school. It’s a serious situation until we can investigate  whether you were serious enough. It’s not funny.”

David Gossett has two daughters at Roseville Middle School. Both have cell phones and they use Snapchat. 

He did not know those messages disappear in seconds after they are sent, until we told him. 

“So, yeah I don’t know we’re going to have to have a conversation and see what to do about it now,” he said. 

The Hazel Park counselor says parents looking at their kids phones is recommended, “That’s a given because I have to be certain that my child is safe.” 

Hazel Park Junior High has locked doors, you have to be buzzed in and show a picture ID.  And talk about metal detectors and bullet proof glass for added security are options to discuss. 

“But that’s a question that the community, the school community as well as parents and school boards have to have together about is that what you want to do within your schools,” Dr. Kruppe said.