Livonia churches vandalized over the weekend

Posted at 6:39 PM, Dec 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-15 18:39:20-05

Church members at St. Colette Parish in Livonia were stunned to see the damage done by vandals and the offensive message left on the door of the house of worship.

“When we announced it on the weekend masses, people collectively gasped,” said Father Gary Michaelik.

A statue outside of the church  was covered in red spray painted and the words “Rome will fall” was written on the church doors.

The Archdiocese Of Detroit is calling the vandalism ugly and obtuse.

“It surprises us because Jesus preaches nonviolence,” said Father Michaelik. “So why would somebody want to do this?”

Just down the street at Felician Sisters Motherhouse, also in Livonia, someone sprayed painted the sidewalks with more disturbing messages. The vandal wrote, “Pope is a false prophet” and “Repent.  No idols. Jesus is coming.”

“Do they have anything else to do than destroy?,” said parishioner Delphine Stanicz. “Plus the Felician Convent to be destroyed - for what?”

In masses held over the weekend, Father Gary Michaelik spoke of forgiveness. Church members also hope the person or people responsible are arrested soon.

“I believe it was probably an extremist.  Not here but at Felecian Sisters, some message about Jesus is Lord or Jesus is coming. So obviously someone who is not Christian would not right that,” said Father Michaelik.

Church members are grateful more damage was not done.

According to Father Michaelik, the building is highly secured.

Livonia police are investigating the case.