Pay to park could be coming to downtown Clarkston, but some don't think it's a solution

Posted at 10:56 PM, May 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-02 23:16:45-04

The City of Clarkston is looking to ease parking problems downtown, by asking residents to pay up.

City leaders have been reviewing plans to open up more parking spaces.

One of their recommended proposals include adding some meters and opening private lots. The city conducted research that shows the parking gets difficult during peak restaurant hours and there’s a need for more than 600 parking spaces, but only about half that number is available.

Not everyone is excited about the idea to pay to park.

Curt Catallo is the co-owner of Union Joints. He said the new meters wouldn’t solve the problem. 

“I'm a fan of any proposal that would add parking to Clarkston, unfortunately this paid parking proposal doesn't add a single spot to Clarkston, I'm afraid its just going to force all those cars into the neighborhoods,” said Catallo.

He said it might actually discourage customers.

"I don't think anybody is excited about the thought of paying for parking, it's competitive enough asking people to come to a small town, I just think when you put that additional hurdle it's going to make it tough and it's going to make it tough on the people who work in Clarkston,” said Catallo.

There’s a parking committee meeting on Wednesday in Clarkston.