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Pontiac neighborhoods waiting for snow plows to clear the streets

Posted at 6:45 PM, Dec 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-15 18:45:05-05

The entire metro Detroit area was hit by the snow storm but the only school district to call a snow day Friday, was in Pontiac.

The district cited poor road conditions and many residents agree wondering when their neighborhood streets will be plowed.

Pontiac's acting public works director says they did start plowing the residential streets but it's slow going.

"As you see it’s snowing now so we had to go back out on the majors. The County is on the majors, we’re on the majors, the contractor is plowing the local streets," says John Balint the acting public works director for Pontiac.

They have 6 plows of their own and a few independent contractors to tackle main roads, side streets and residential. Balint says it is more plows than they've had on the streets in 5 years!

He says all streets should be clear by the end of the day Sunday.

Meanwhile, 7 Action News met one woman taking matters into her own hands, literally.

"I just come out here and try to help out with the neighborhood getting the snow out of the street right here myself," says Bessie Williams with her shovel in hand.

One scoop at a time she cleared the street in front of her driveway.

Williams has 4 wheel drive but many of her neighbor's don't, which makes getting to work and getting home tough.

"It’s really bad, really bad! We have to help each other get out of the situation you know when they get stuck," says Williams.