Pontiac's Erebus haunted house is ready to scare patrons again this year

Posted at 5:19 PM, Oct 06, 2016

It's one the must-see scary attractions in our area! Erebus Haunted Attraction in Pontiac is ready to give you a fright.

"The haunted house is broken down into five time periods, almost equivalent to five haunted houses," said owner Ed Terebus. "The zombies are not dead. They are still alive. They are still coming at you."

Do you mind tight quarters?

"Buried alive, put you in a chamber, fill it up 6'6' and bury you alive."

Over the years, Erebus has frightened so many people. In their lost and found collection, people have left behind shoes, cell phones - even dentures.

The attraction keeps track of how many people have backed out and how many have had "accidents" after encountering scares.

It's suggested that children ages 13 and older can go in, if they are brave enough. Pregnant women are not allowed in the attraction.

"Do not allow pregnant people in here, not for anything we are going to do, but I don't know how people around them are going to react."

Terebus says the building is really haunted, after reports that a man died in the basement before he purchased the building.

"There are some weird things that have happened. Some of the guys that work here say that they hear whispers, been scratched," he said. "We had one guy freak out so bad, he ran out and didn't come back."

People also freak out in their fun house-themed room.

"We do have clown sightings in Erebus."

Ed says the third Saturday in October is the busiest night, filled with couples.

"Our busiest day is Sweetest Day. Date night is huge. We have a lot of people come here on dates," he explained. "You want to get close really fast? Come to a haunted house."

Erebus is opened Thursday through Sunday until October 19th. It will be open every day from October 20th until Halloween

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