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Restaurant Report Card: We visit 3 restaurants in Troy

Posted at 6:24 PM, Sep 19, 2018
and last updated 2019-01-09 15:30:18-05

It is Restaurant Report Card time!

The bad news is that this week, there is not one “A” grading. The good news – there are three eateries that took their inspections from cold to hot!

From breakfast to lunch. From Indian to Italian. One thing's, for sure – you won’t find a clean plate.

We're talking cafés, buffets and fancy feasting.

This week, 7 Action News' Andrea Isom went to see what’s cooking in Troy.


Village Café 

This breakfast and lunch spot is new in town. It's only been open since May. 

The staff is friendly and was willing to speak about its most recent health inspection. When the Oakland County Health Inspector paid them a visit, ten priority violations were sited.

Those violations include:

  • Yogurt being help past the expiration date
  • Employee seen touching bread with bare hands
  • A pan of smoked salmon stored directly on top of raw chicken.

Charminar Biryani House

It's an Indian restaurant, which features a lunch buffet every day.

The place has only been around for about eight months. It seems to be pretty popular. 

When we walked through the door, the smells were amazing. It was as if you could taste every flavor and seasoning with your nose.

There were 14 priority violations:

  • A container of raw whole goat, stored next to a container of yogurt and carrots
  • Flies throughout the facility, especially in the back dry storage room
  • Potentially hazardous food, mostly meats, held for more than 24 hours

Cantoro Italian Trattoria

When you walk inside, you'll feast your eyes on fancy. 

The casual but fine dining establishment is beautiful. It represents all the regions of Italy inside and outside every inch of this property.

The menu is remarkable; the decor is bold, rich and upscale, yet comfortable.

However, it did have 12 priority violations on its last health inspection:

  • Milk held past the expiration date
  • No soap at the hand sink
  • Raw clams next to cooked broccoli