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Retired metro Detroit couple says dream home put on hold by contractor 'no show'

Posted at 7:05 PM, Feb 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-05 20:33:30-05

Larry and Lynne Nowak say they had it all figured out. They’d create their dream backyard by installing a hot tub at their West Bloomfield Township home - one they’d been renovating as in retirement  for the past two years.

Last July, they contracted HCI Harrow Companies Incorporated to build out a simple 12 by 15 foot cement pad, forking over about 19 hundred of the twenty six hundred dollar total. 

The company, they say, promised to be done with it in four to six weeks. But by December, the couple says they feared they were getting swindled. 

It wasn't the first time HCI was brought to the attention of 7's Taking Action team. 

Last September, a similar complaint was lodged by Troy residents, Dorothy and Joe McMahon. They spent $2500 with HCI for a new patio last summer but came to us after they say the company caused some major damages during installation and did’nt return their phone calls when asking for a fix.

After we contacted the company, they returned to do some of the fixes and agreed to a $500 refund. Fast forward five months and that refund had yet to come through, meanwhile another complaint had emerged. 

So our Taking Action team went looking for answers.

HCI management argued that it was the couple’s indecision on cement material that delayed the process. 

Ultimately, however, they agreed to a refund. 7 Action News has been told a check is in mail for the Nowaks. As for the McMahons, we're happy to report the $500 has been refunded.  

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