Stranger helps Keego Harbor man find lost dog

Posted at 6:28 PM, Dec 30, 2015

When one Keego Harbor man put a post on Facebook asking for help finding his lost dog, he didn’t expect a stranger to take action. 

But she did.

Marti Bell, who knew him only through Facebook, couldn’t let the post go. 

Steve Bernstein wrote only, “Help.” 

A flyer explained Rosie went missing from a friend’s house near Bell and Northwestern Highway in Southfield earlier this month as he attended a wedding.  Bernstein feared he would never see his best friend of fifteen-and-a-half years again.

“She is my best buddy,” said Bernstein. “I know she is an old dog, but the idea we could have parted ways without knowing what happened to her, knowing what could have happened to her, I just couldn’t live like that.”

“Six o’clock at night, it was raining. I grabbed an umbrella, flashlights, drove to the area, and went up and down blocks and yelled,” said Bell.

As she searched paramedics rushed Bernstein to the hospital.

“I had passed out,” said Bernstein.

"He collapsed because he was  so upset and worried about his dog,” said Bell.

Marti gave Southfield Police her phone number as she ended her search. That night she got a call. Someone heard her yelling for a dog and called police.

They had Rosie.

Steve says Marti didn’t just find his dog.

“Marty did save my life, honestly,” he said. “She is an angel to me. If angels could walk on this earth, this lady is one."