Vietnam veteran who was conned out of thousands gets his money back

WATERFORD, Mich. (WXYZ) - A Vietnam veteran who was conned by a local contractor has gotten his money back.

We first brought you Don Brock's story on Friday. After our story aired, not only did he get his money back, a few good people stepped up to help.

Brock was out about $3,500.

He says he paid local contractor, George Ebert to install a hot water tank and AC-unit back in October, but after he handed him the money, the handyman never showed up or called.

We interviewed Don Friday and paid Mr. Ebert a visit.

Over the weekend, Mr. Ebert emailed us - saying "I would like to apologize to Mr. Brock for the financial hardship I have caused him."

Today, Don got his money in the mail.

He also got a visit from Elie and Mike from Elie's Home Improvement - both contractors, who also served in the military, who are going to fix his A-C unit and hot water tank - for free.

Don says he will never make the mistake again of giving someone money up front and advises you to not do it either.

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