Waterford schools' superintendent responds to hoax email with good news about school

Posted at 6:14 PM, Oct 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-06 18:14:08-04

A letter that was sent saying that Waterford parents would have to pay for any photocopy paper that the students need or use threw both them and Waterford Public School administrators totally off guard.

"If they received an assignment, they'd have to pay ten cents a page. If it was a paper copy," says Superintendent Keith Wunderlich. "I thought this was a fairly crazy idea, one that we wouldn't even consider possibly doing."

Wunderlich says he has no idea who was circulating the fake school newsletter, but he wanted to set the record straight.

So he decided to send an electronic letter to parent, letting them know about all the good things that have happened in the district.

"Yesterday was county day and enrollment is higher what we were projecting and that's always a good sign and not something all school districts can say," Wunderlich says. "Financially we are doing much better. We have always had a balanced budget, but the state wants us to have a 5% fund balance by the end of the school year. We are going to be very close to meeting that requirement as well. Academically really, really well. There is a test called the NWEA and some of our students are improving a the 99th percentile."