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Wild turkey has become a nuisance to drivers in West Bloomfield

Posted: 6:23 PM, Nov 30, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-30 18:23:12-05

Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone, some folks in West Bloomfield are keeping an eye out for one a turkey.

7 Action News reporter Syma Chowdhry spent the day searching for the elusive bird police have now named Darryl, who is ruffling some feathers in West Bloomfield.

He lends a whole new meaning to giving drivers the bird. That’s because he’s been a nuisance on busy roads.

Deputy Chief Curt Lawson of West Bloomfield Police said, “Pretty bold; he actually goes across the crosswalk.”

He’s been hanging around the intersection of Middlebelt and Maple Roads for the past couple of weeks.

“All these calls, up to 30 calls per shift,” Lawson said. “We kept sending officers out there to check on his welfare.”

At least we know the answer to the question: Why did the turkey cross the road? 

“Sometimes he will stand on the corner just watch the cars go by,” Lawson explained. “I think he’s pretty relieved he made it past Thanksgiving, so good for him.”

In one police report, the responding officer wrote “the turkey ignored commands” and that it has “a complete disregard for authority.”

Lawson said, “The department is having fun with it.”

Check it out the West Bloomfield Police Twitter and Facebook page .

“As soon as we post something on Darryl, or put Darryl’s picture up there, we just get a whole lot of feedback, and we love it.”

Eat your heart out Pawfficer Donut.

“We see what Troy police Department does with their cat, and we wanted to top that a little bit.”

Officers are concerned that Darryl could force drivers to swerve, causing an accident.

That’s why they are trying to rescue him and then release him in a park within the township, away from busy streets.

We asked Lawson if he is surprised Darryl wants to hang out in West Bloomfield?

He said, “I’m not at all it’s a great community.”