Woman who was scammed out of half her life savings identifies suspects in the case

Posted at 6:29 PM, Jun 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-28 18:29:56-04

We can report a break in the case of the scammers who drove an 86-year-old lady to her credit union to withdraw half of her life savings.

Police now know who they are. The scam they pulled was a driveway repair.

Police say the victim identified the two guys from pictures, but they could now be working their scam in another state.

That’s how they do it, hit fast and move fast.

For the victim, this has been quite the journey, from scammed to the cause everyone wanted to help.

She started in her driveway, all alone, just her and 2 fast talking scammers.

Last week Good Samaritans installed a new concrete driveway, 4 inches thick with wire mesh for strength. This alone would cost about $8,000.

On top of that, a woman who wants to remain anonymous, also saw our lady and wrote her a check for $4,000 - the amount she withdrew in the surveillance video that made everybody mad.

Our lady who we’re not naming for security reasons, talked with the giver on the phone, today.

The owner of Cap Seal Coating in Farmington Hills was the first to step forward to help and made the new driveway happen.

He called Van Horn Concrete in Waterford, and they brought over the material - also free of charge.

Police will let us know when they find the 2 scammers and we’ll put their pictures on TV again - in handcuffs.