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WATCH: Clerk fights off armed robber at Port Huron gas station

Clerk vs Crook
Posted at 4:28 PM, Nov 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-02 18:50:30-04

It’s a knockdown, drag-out fight. A marathon battle inside a Marathon Gas Station. The opponents? A clerk and an alleged crook.

The title of this tale…“Two men and one heck of a match”!

Watch, as the bad guy in black enters the building but the good guy, is not having any of it. Cops say, the crook the clerk he had a pistol and demanded cash.

The clerk waits a bit and then goes in the big pounce.

As you can clearly see, the none stop pummeling commences. Then the brawl traveled outside

It was in those moments that a neighbor from the next door business jumped in. Port Huron Police are glad this situation didn’t go sideways, because it could have.

“It’s always best, to let the robber do what he’s gonna do, let the surveillance video let us do our job come in and investigate it and identify the person. There is no reason to take that risk”, says Lt. Brian Kerrigan.

The clerk told us the whole ordeal lasted about 15 minutes. Was he scared? “Yes," he said with a chuckle.