Family hopes treatment will end boy's seizures

Posted at 6:04 PM, Apr 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-07 08:40:01-04

Six months ago, Collin Stempniewski was preparing for brain surgery, hoping to have a more normal life.

He suffers from four different types of seizures and has to wear a helmet to help him through the drop seizures. Those are the most serious.

The 11-year-old is a huge WWE fan and John Cena has been his inspiration to push through this challenge. Just like Cena, Collin’s motto is “Never Give Up.”

And he hasn’t.

Since his surgery, the seizures have increased to about 300 a month. His speech has changed and he takes more than 30 pills a day.

Perhaps that could change, through a blood treatment called IVIG.

“I’ve actually spoken to a family who has tried the IVIG treatment and it is working for their child," said Collin’s mother Kathleen Stempniewski. "It gives me hope that we could have a better quality of life for Collin.”

The procedure is not cheap, but his doctor has sent letters to Blue Cross Blue Shield, hoping the insurance company will help with the expensive cost. They’ve been denied twice.

“They don’t realize what I live through every day with him and giving rescue meds in the morning and then it puts him out.  It’s hard. It’s really hard,” said Stempniewski.  “Would they rather pay for him being in a wheelchair for the rest of his life from a fall? Or would they pay for this treatment that could possibly help him?”

For Collin, the options are running out, but his hope never will.

He also has a message for John Cena.

“John Cena, I never give up.”

Collin’s family can be contacted at