Deal ends fmr. student's lawsuit against U of M

Posted at 10:27 PM, Sep 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-11 22:27:00-04

A student who was expelled from the University of Michigan is dropping his lawsuit against the school in exchange for a clean conduct record.

He was accused of violating the school's sexual conduct policy - accusations his attorney says were unfounded.

The former U of M student, who was accused of non-consensual sex, has now been cleared of all wrongdoing.

Although a police report was never filed and no physical evidence ever found - the university found Drew Sterett guilty of violating the school's sexual conduct policy and kicked him out of school.

As a result he sued the school, stating his due process rights were violated. But now, an agreement has been reached.

"The agreement says the university will make null and void all the findings and disciplines against Drew, with regard of this incident,” says attorney Deborah Gordon. “In exchange we will drop our lawsuit.”

Sterett's record will be completely cleared and the findings against him will be null and void. Gordon says that's what they had been seeking from the beginning.

With this agreement comes a fresh start.  Sterett's life had essentially been put on hold since he was expelled from the university.

"He’s been taking classes but he has not been enrolled in a campus,” say Gordon. “These kinds of findings against a student can have a devastating effect. Now maybe he can go on with his life as he had always planned with a degree and perhaps graduate school and a wonderful life."

The University of Michigan declined to speak about the matter.