Metro Detroit family says pipeline company left their backyard in shambles

Posted at 9:08 PM, Aug 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-19 21:08:44-04

Ypsilanti resident, Stephanie Sonnichsen, says a backyard project has uprooted her family's quality of life.

A year ago, Wolverine Pipeline company dug up her backyard to do some construction on an easement the company own on the property.

The company had every right to do the work, but they assured her the backyard, which had to be torn apart in the process, would be speedily restored.

A year later and Sonnichsen says her backyard is still unusable, replaced by dirt and weeds.

Equally frustrating is the fact the grass across the entire yard -- front and back -- is dying, which she says is the result of a sprinkler system broken by the company during the construction.

The company told her it would all be fixed in April, then in June, but there's sitll no resolve.

"I'm frustrated that we're not asking for compensation. We just want them to do what they told us they were going to do," she said.

Channel 7 reached out to the company, and they did apologize for the job not being done yet. They said they understood "the family’s frustration" and "agree that due to weather and other factors, this has taken much longer than it should."

The company committed to doing whatever it takes to resolve this situation as soon as possible. They said they expected to make a move in the next week.

Channel 7's Taking Action team will continue to track the developments until there's resolve.