Northfield Township orders 74-year-old man to get rid of car collection

Posted at 7:03 PM, Sep 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 10:03:43-04

“I am a car nut I guess,” said Ronald Dauzet.

It is hard to interview Ronald Dauzet about what is happening with his cars because his phone is ringing off the hook.  Word has gotten out.  Mr. Dauzet says Northfield Township has ordered him to get rid of his collection of now about 150 cars.  People are calling looking for a deal.

While Mr. Dauzet calls  cars his passion, the township told him they are an eyesore. A township ordinance bans the storage of unlicensed or inoperative vehicles in residential neighborhoods. He needs to get rid of at least 20 per month until they are gone.

“It is real stressful. I don’t sleep. Getting my hair grayer,” said Mr. Dauzet.

We reached out to north field township and were told no comment. Mr. Dauzet says he doesn’t know why the township suddenly decided to crack down, as he stored the cars out of sight of others on his 6 acres. He has old Mustangs, an Austin Healy Sprite from the 60s, VW Bugs, and many more.  He likes Ford and foreign brands.  He doesn’t like Chevrolet. He says he bought cars he thought were beautiful and had potential.  

“I would rather be able to sell them to somebody, than give them to the junkyard,” said Dauzet as tears started to flow.

He is hoping people see this video and see a car they could work on and love.

“I could never own a junk yard. I would want to save everything.”

Mr. Dauzet says if you are interested in checking out his cars, contact him at