Police search for burglar targeting Asian business owners

Posted at 6:59 PM, Mar 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-03 18:59:33-05

Pittsfield Township Police say they have noticed a pattern. They believe there is a burglar targeting the homes of Asian business owners.

Andy Kwon, the owner of Biwako Sushi in Saline, says the crimes have him feeling on edge. When he is at his business, he isn’t just serving delicious sushi.  He is providing for his family.

"I have at home three young kids and my wife,” said Kwon.

As he works, he is worried about them, knowing these crimes have been happening.  One of the victims leaves near him.

"I can’t even think about it,” said Kwon.

Pittsfield Township Police believe someone is researching where Asian business owners live, studying their work habits, then breaking into their homes as they work.

Two burglaries believed to be connected happened last year, but it appears the burglar has gained confidence. In February Pittsfield Township Police responded to four very similar crimes.  They happened on February 4 on W Ellsworth Road, February 22 on Bicentennial Parkway, February 25 on Highlander Way, and in the days after that on Lohr Lake Drive.

“I reactivated my security systems and I try to check my doors and windows after I get home,” said Kwon.

Andy fears what will happen should the burglar come face to face with a family.

“Hopefully police can find these people as soon as possible and we don have to worry about it,” said Kwon.

Pittsfield Township Police are telling people to be aware. Watch out for your neighbors.  Don’t keep cash in your home. Consider getting a home security system.

If you have any information  you are asked to contact Detective Jami Booth immediately at 734-822-6074.