911 calls released from domestic incident involving Edsel Ford and his wife

Posted at 6:42 PM, Jul 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-11 19:43:52-04

7 Action News has obtained the 911 call made by the wife of a prominent businessman.

According to police records, Cynthia Ford, wife of Edsel Ford II, called 911 around 11:45 pm on July the 4th.  Mrs. Ford indicated to police she and her husband were out drinking earlier in the night and when they arrived home, his behavior changed. 

In a 911 call, Mrs. Ford stated, she was being abused by her husband. He was twisting her arm to get her cell phone away and he had too much to drink.

"He is threatening my arms and he has really had to much to drink. He is mad at me," Mrs. Ford can be heard to say.

The incident happened in the kitchen. When asked by the dispatcher if there were any weapons in the house, Mrs. Ford said yes, they had shotguns, however they were not nearby. 

"He's is going to see Edsel Ford and say that he's a good man," Mrs. Ford also tells the dispatcher.

She went on to say that it would not be necessary for her to leave the room, and that "All we need to do is convince him to give me my cell phone back" and "Everything is actually okay."

Edsel Ford II was taken into custody at the time of the incident, however he was not charged.