Absentee ballot voting is on the upswing in Northville Township, but some are having issues

Posted at 5:43 PM, Oct 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-20 17:44:03-04

Voting is already underway in the presidential election - if you are voting absentee ballot.

In Northville Township there has been an increase in requests for the early ballots, but there have also been some problems getting them.

Cutting down on long voter lines is one reason Northville Township is encouraging voters to use absentee ballots and there are more people doing it.

"We're probably seeing 35-42% increase from normal, it's been an active election,” said Sue Hillebrand, the Northville Township Clerk.

Hillebrand said her office sent out 5,700 absentee ballots the first day they were available on September 30 and they’ve sent out about 100 more each day since.

There have been some issues, people living out of state and others right here in Northville haven’t not been getting those ballots.

"I had a gentleman call me yesterday, it was mailed September 20th to New York and he just received his ballot yesterday, that's a long time for first class mail,” said Hillebrand.
"We have a husband and a wife who both requested ballots one got the ballot, one didn’t,” she said.

In all, there have been about 70 ballots that have had to be reissued.

"The postmaster actually paid us a visit two days ago in person and promised she would be looking into this. They take ballots very seriously, as we do,” said Hillebrand.

She said regardless of what city you live in, if you haven’t gotten your ballot by Monday, you should call your clerk’s office to start looking into it.