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Backyard battle: Water drainage problem leaving senior's backyard in ruins

Posted at 6:59 PM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-13 18:59:21-04

"Major drainage problem," That’s what Carolyn Bradley says behind her ruined backyard.

Her more than 40-year-old swimming pool is crumbling at the seam, while patches are missing in her once vibrant green grass.

All of it is an outgrowth of a drainage problem, by which water is seemingly backing up in backyard. Today, the sun dried up the water, but she shows pictures of what it looks like at its worse.

The senior says since it began, her quality of life hasn’t been the same.

The question: Where is the water draining from?

The canton homeowner, living here since 1976, believes it’s an outgrowth of the development that’s happened on the other side of this fence.

It’s overseen by electrical company, ITC Transmission and Canton Township, which together, she says, made big changes over the years, like filling in surrounding ditches and creating a walking trail.

"There isn’t anywhere for water to run except back on the homeowners," said the senior.

7 Action News got on the case, heading first to the township. Their belief is that homeowners living in the area are, in part, to blame for for adding decor, like a dog house, thereby blocking the water flow.

Bradley, who built her dog house over 40 years ago, refutes the allegation that it could be causing the issue.

ITC also says it doesn't believe the development caused the problem but said in a statement that...

“out of an abundance caution and goodwill we will be sending experts out with canton twp to reassess the matter.”

Those inspectors, ITC says, will be at the home by the end of next week.


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