Canton woman injured in senseless act of road rage

Driver hit woman while on her bike
Posted at 11:25 PM, Sep 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-13 23:25:24-04

What happened to Leigh Young gives new meaning to road rage.

"In my mind they tried to kill me," Young told 7 Action News from her Canton home. "The driver hit the gas and smacked right into me."

Leigh was hit Sunday morning at the intersection of Cherry Hill and Lilley in Canton.

"The driver hit the gas and smacked right into me," Young said. "I feel like I have this complete anxiety."

Had Leigh been involved in a car accident perhaps she wouldn't be so traumatized. But she wasn't in a car. She was on her bike.

What happened to Leigh was no accident. The driver blocked the crosswalk and waited for her.

"He had been at a complete stop and the minute that I got in front of his car he hit the gas, hit me, and then tore off down Lilley."

Leigh thinks the driver may have been offended by the way she glanced at him when he blocked the crosswalk. The hit-and-run has left her with a limp, a busted bike, and medical bills that will be hard to pay as a full-time student.

But it's the psychological damage that's hit her hardest.

"It's just so unfair. It's just so unfair that one, one knee-jerk reaction on this person's part completely changes the path of my life in a matter of seconds and you just get to drive off and just keep on with their day."

Canton police are looking for a white male with dark hair who is 35 to 40-years-old. He was driving a silver or light blue sedan that may have front end damage.