Cell phone video shows rescuers pull trapped woman from burning van at Lincoln Park bank

Posted at 11:18 PM, Dec 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-09 23:18:22-05

A dramatic rescue in Lincoln Park Thursday was caught on cell phone video.

It shows the frantic moments right before a woman is pulled from her burning vehicle.

The video shows the SUV engulfed in flames, and onlookers trying to help her at Credit Union One.

In the video, you hear a woman screaming, "There's a woman inside, there's a woman inside."

Lincoln Park officer Joe Sparks runs up and strikes the window 25 times, before another man helped drag her from the back window.

The 71-year old woman was trapped between the wall by the ATM and the car.

Dalton Ryska was there as he was going to work and captured the chaos.

At first, he claims he grabbed some rocks to try and break the window, but panicked. Another woman tried breaking the window, but couldn't.

Ryska says, "It was really frantic at first. I didn't know a woman was inside. In the heat of the moment, your body freezes."

We're told the woman was taken to the hospital, but should recover.

Ryska went on to say, "I'm very blessed she's okay. I'm happy everyone's okay."