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Deputy sues Wayne County Sheriff's Office for sexual harassment at work

Posted at 6:20 PM, Feb 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-22 18:20:58-05

DETROIT (WXYZ) — A Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy filed a lawsuit this week accusing the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

“I just felt like someone needs to hear what I am saying because nobody is listening to me,” said Deputy Angelina Taylor.

She says her problems started in 2016 - when a corporal wanted to start a relationship with her.

“I said you are married. I didn’t want any of that,” said Taylor.

She says she told him no repeatedly, then tried a different tact. She told him she would meet him, only to stand him up. Soon his wife, who is Deputy Taylor’s manager, accused them of having an affair. Deputy Taylor told her they were not.

She says she felt she was then retaliated against at work with a cut in hours and unfavorable assignments. She says she went to her boss’s boss who she said brushed it under the rug.

“She said, she is just insecure. Don’t even worry about it,” said Taylor.

So she filed a union grievance. Her attorney says she then faced retaliation from other sergeants.

“That sergeant told her 3317 sticks together and that is the local of the sergeants union. Telling her, we are going to stick together and retaliate against her too,” said Scott Batey, her attorney.

“I have been doing my job for 20 years. The Sheriff Department has been good to me, but I don’t come to work to be harassed. I just want to do my job and go home,” said Taylor.

“That department needs to be more proactive and responsive to complaints,” said Batey.

7 Action News reached out to the couple named in the suit and did not hear back before deadline. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office said due to an on-going investigation it cannot comment.