Man hopes for return of stolen custom van

Posted at 6:21 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-30 18:21:41-04

Linwood Hendricks used money he had saved to buy a custom van. He only had it for just 6 months, when someone stole it from his Wyandotte neighborhood.

It was not just any van. It was special and accommodated the 81-year-old wheelchair bound man’s needs.

“The van has a seat that will go back 20 inches. It will raise almost a foot and it will almost turn to the back. So all I gotta do is stand up, pivot, sit in the driver’s side and I have controls where I can put it back in the driver’s position,” said Linwood.

He parked the black 1998 E-Ford 250, with a bump top,  in a nearby lot next to St. Patrick church a week ago. It was where he typically parked his vehicle, which is a block away from his home.

Linwood had not been back to check on in it because he was, sadly, grieving and dealing with the sudden loss of his brother.

Tuesday, he discovered his van was missing when he wheeled his way to the parking lot to find it.

“I discovered before I got there, because as I’m going down the sidewalk,” said Linwood.   “I don’t see a van and my heart went out the window.  Couldn’t believe it.  I couldn’t believe it.”

Linwood fears someone has already started striping it of parts. He spent thousands of dollars to get a vehicle, that allowed him to be free to go where ever he needed to go.

He told 7 Action News he has something to say to the person who took it or whoever may know where the van is located.

“Please let me get ahold of it. I’d like to get it back,” said Linwood.

A lot of people here in the Wyandotte community are saddened that anyone would want to steal a van from anyone who needed it so badly.

If you have information about where the van is located contact Wyandotte police.

If you would like to help Linwood you can contact him at