Disabled vet stunned by community's help to remove fallen tree

Posted at 10:29 PM, Aug 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-08 22:29:30-04

Less than 24 hours after airing a story of a disabled vet struggling to clean up a fallen tree, several volunteers were at his home getting the job done.

The volunteers were responding to a call for help by Channel 7's Taking Action team on behalf of Jerome Maclin, who's aging backyard tree succumbed to heavy winds last week, splitting in half, falling directly onto his roof.

It's only one of many occasions in which the tree -- along with others in the backyard -- have taken sudden falls, often becoming a safety hazard. 
On a limited income, Maclin says he doesn't have the funds to pay for the $1500 it would cost to do the tree removal. 
So, instead, he spends many nights sleeping in his living room, in an effort to stay in a lower part of the house that's more accessible to an exit.
But thanks to Channel 7 viewers, that's something he no longer has to worry about.
Rambo Tree & Shrub offered to remove every single tree in his backyard to relieve him of the problem all together.
And another group, a non profit group called Tree Musketeers offered to take the help further, by fixing the roof, the siding and easement, and cleaning up the landscaping.
Maclin got emotional today -- overwhelmed by the support from the community.
Channel 7 extends a big thank you to those who came forward to offer their generous services.