Downriver veteran honor guards get bus repaired after WXYZ takes action

Posted at 11:12 PM, Aug 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-30 05:27:24-04

Today the honor guards of VFW Southgate say they found relief.

They're finally able to head out and pay tribute to a fallen soldier, something they haven't been able to do as a group since this vehicle broke down in May.

When Channel 7 first met the veterans, their Ford E-450 was in dyer need of repair--- leaving them to shell out thousands of dollars for multiple fixes, almost draining their bank account.

But after that story aired, some unexpected heroes stepped in. Ford Motor Company along with the UAW-Ford took it under their wing and offered to do it for free.

In a statement, they said they "salute the commitment and dedication of all U.S. veterans and we are pleased that Southgate Ford and the Ford Customer Relationship Center were able to collaborate for a positive resolution for Downriver Honor Guard."

The men perform tributes at over 200 funeral services every year, making the bus a very important piece of the process. It's been difficult over the past 3 months given that many of the men don't drive.

But the vets say the worry they once had, no longer remains. After 3 months, they're finally getting back to doing what they do best, supporting the families of fallen soldiers.