Every Melvindale High School senior applies to college for a second year in a row

Posted: 6:41 PM, Oct 28, 2016
Updated: 2016-10-28 22:41:30Z

It’s becoming a tradition here Melvindale High School - every time a senior applies to college, their name ends up on a wall.

As of last week the entire senior class made the cut!

It's like a badge of honor. Applying to college and feeling excited about the possibilities for the future.

It's something the entire senior class at Melvindale High School has in common.

They've ALL applied to college and they did it last year too. Prior to that, Principal Ryan Vranesich says about 75% of seniors had applied to college - getting it to 100% was a district wide achievement.

Seniors like Asalah Saeed say college has always been a part of her thought process, but being a part of this group is added inspiration.

Principal Vranesich says he knows college may not be for everyone, but the goal is to get these kids thinking about how they can be their best.

Last year, 93% of the senior class was accepted to college. The principal hopes that number only continues to grow.