Fire concerns surround massive marijuana grow operation found in Ecorse

Posted at 10:30 PM, Aug 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-18 10:44:15-04

An illegal grow operation was busted in Ecorse when utility crews were tipped off after disconnecting the meter – but days later noticed the electricity was back on.

Grow operations - especially the ones with illegal hook ups - draw massive amounts of electricity and, most of the time, do not have the proper setup to handle the load.

The Ecorse house - according to DTE - was a ticking time bomb.

The home on Tenth Street in Ecorse was in danger of going up in flames because of smoke growing inside.

DTE’s Chief Security Officer Michael Lynch say whoever rigged the house with electricity for the illegal grow operation did a bad job.

It was so bad he says within days - maybe even hours - the home could’ve caught fire because of how much electricity illegal grow operations consume.

We spoke to neighbors off camera who say they had no idea this was happening close by. In fact, a few neighbors say they thought the home was vacant.

Lynch says it may have been vacant, but it was drawing enough electricity for the entire block - which put Ecorse residents in harm’s way.

Stealing utilities is a felony. We’re also told there were several pit bulls inside the home that were taken by animal control.

Detroit police responded to the call.

There’s no word yet on who may be charged.