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Ford opens the doors on its future at Advanced Manufacturing Center in Redford

Posted: 5:23 PM, Dec 04, 2018
Updated: 2018-12-04 17:23:22-05

As speculation builds about Ford making cuts in the future, here in metro Detroit the automaker is opening the doors on its new Advanced Manufacturing Center in Redford. 

It is unusual for the competitive car companies to let people see what they’re doing with technology. 

The center is broken down into four areas, advances robotics, 3D printing of parts and tools, prototypes and the real thing, augmented reality to train workers and virtual reality to design plants of the future.  

“It is part of our core mission is to make sure we have a standard suite of technology that we’re deploying across our facilities,” says Mike Mikula, Ford Chief Engineer.

There’s no gloom and doom here. This new facility combines technical disciplines with 100 employees and is a $45 million investment by Ford.  

You could say when you’re in the driver’s seat of your company’s entire future, you might have some job security.  

“We know that with the solutions that we’re deploying, we’re helping Ford create value.  We have zero concerns,” Mikula said.