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'Justice means charging the monster that did these crimes,' says family of abused twins

Posted at 5:16 PM, Sep 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-18 17:30:03-04

ECORSE, Mich. (WXYZ) — Investigators say 1-year-old Zyaire died after enduring horrific abuse. His twin brother Zion survived but is still healing.

7 Action News has obtained a copy of a petition filed in probate court as CPS works to terminate their mom's parental rights. The twins’ family says it reveals details that leave them asking will the twins get justice?

In late July, Ecorse Police responded to a horrifying scene of child abuse. They found one-year-old twins severely beaten.

The little boys were rushed to the hospital. Police described it as one of the most horrific cases of child abuse they have seen.

“They didn’t deserve what happened to them,” said Jennifer Reed, an aunt who lives out of state.

Reed says she believes her sister’s boyfriend, who moved in with her sister in May after getting released from prison due to COVID-19, hurt her nephews. We are not naming him because, while police call him a suspect, he is not charged.

The boys’ mom, Lisa Reed, is charged with child abuse. No one is charged with murder.

The petition describes the boys’ injuries from rib fractures and a broken leg, to liver contusions and skull fractures.

Jennifer says her sister has a mental disability that has impacted her ability to care for her children at times but never has been violent.

“She has two older children that lived with her most of their lives. She never so much as spanked them,” said Reed.

The petition shows the boyfriend has a history. In 2006 it says he broke his girlfriend’s 3-year-old’s arm. He claimed he fell while carrying the child, then later pled guilty to child abuse.

Jennifer Reed says learning this brought to mind a story he told when the twins had bruises.

“He used that same excuse. He tripped and fell,” said Reed.

The petition says a neighbor told family members she saw the boyfriend being rough with the little ones.

The petition also talks about how he fled the hospital as he realized how severe the children’s injuries were.

“He calls family members and tells them he has done something bad and this is the last time you are going to see him because he is not going back to jail,” said Reed.

Ecorse Police and the Wayne County Prosecutors office tell 7 Action News the investigation is still moving forward. The final autopsy report is not yet done.

They are waiting on a chemical process that allows the medical examiner to create a timeline of injuries in Zyaire’s brain to be completed.

“The homicide case is under review, there are forensic reports and other work that has been requested. This case is a high priority for our child abuse unit,” said the prosecutor’s office in a statement to 7 Action News.

Jennifer Reed is concerned because right now the boyfriend is in prison for a parole violation, but if he's not charged, he is scheduled to be released on October 19.

“I just want to make sure that we get justice for these babies because they deserve it,” she said. “That means charging the monster that did these crimes.”

The mother, Lisa Reed, is in jail with no bond.

In the meantime, Zion is out of the hospital and healing.

His family is asking for prayers for him and his two older siblings, who are mourning the loss of Zyaire and also waiting for justice.