Local man buys breakfast sandwich that appears to be moldy at Westland gas station

Posted at 5:58 PM, Jan 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-12 17:58:26-05

Bert Ference grabbed a breakfast sandwich from a Westland gas station and says he got quite the surprise.

"The egg's moldy, bacon's moldy, the bagel's moldy," he says.

Ference says he stopped at the gas station at Merriman and Warren and got some gas and picked up the sandwich. He heated it up and was on his way to work.

First, he took a bite and then looked at it.

"I'm like yeah, I don't think it's spinach or pesto," he says.

When the clerk at the gas station was shown the sandwich, she threw out the similar sandwiches in their freezer case. She told 7 Action News we'd have to talk to the manager.

Bert says he wanted to speak up so others don't have the same experience or even get sick.

He says he's learned his own lesson.

With a smile, Bert said, "It was one bite and then I looked. Maybe look first?"

Late Thursday, 7 Action News did reach the manager at the gas station.

He said he was very sorry and will give Bert his money back. He says he''s reaching out to the company that distributes those sandwiches to try and figure out what happened.

7 Action News also left a message for the company that distributes the sandwiches, but we have not received a response.