Man offers to turn himself in to Redford police if post gets 1,000 shares

Posted at 8:20 PM, Oct 06, 2017

A man offered to turn himself in to the Redford Township Police Department, but with a catch - their next post had to get a thousand shares. 

Champagne Torino, who is wanted on existing warrants, told the department via a Facebook message that he would turn himself in and bring a dozen donuts to the station. 

He also said he would pick up every piece of litter around all of the area's public schools.

The department accepted the challenge, posting a photo of Torino's comment and encouraging the community to share a post.

Within one hour, the post received over 1,000 shares. 

The department then thanked its followers, calling the experience "fun and educational."

Although they do not know whether he is a man of his word, they said "everyone gets caught at some point."