Metro Detroit teen saves life at barber shop: 'I immediately started doing CPR'

Posted at 7:08 PM, Aug 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-10 07:15:19-04

Charles Gevirtz is full of gratitude for the many people who rushed to save his life on July 13th. He was getting his hair cut at Scores Haircuts for Men in Northville, when something terrible happened. He went into cardiac arrest and wasn't breathing.

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"Suddenly, I felt extremely light-headed like I've never felt before in my life, so I took a deep breath and that's all I remember," says Gevirtz.

Employees and customers saw that he wasn't breathing and rushed to help. They called 911 and were told to start CPR. Then, just at the right time, Ryan Figueroa walked in for a haircut. The 17-year-old happens to be a lifeguard.

"No one knew how to properly do CPR. So, I said I'm CPR certified and I immediately started doing CPR. I was able to get him to start breathing, not normal breathing, he was just able to gasp," says Ryan.

Meanwhile - Northville police officer Ken DeLano was just a block away when he got the call. He
grabbed the defibrillator from his patrol car and quickly went to work.

Within moments, he hooked him up to the AED and Gevirtz was back!

"It was a scary thing. I felt the man's arms. They were cold to the touch without a doubt. Everyone acted quickly and saved that man's life," says Officer DeLano.

Ryan also felt good about it .. especially since he's only been a lifeguard for 2 months.

"I was proud of my work and everyone in the shop," says Ryan.

Charles Gevirtz is proud of them too.

"I was so happy I'm alive. I got engaged in January and now I get to enjoy my future with my fiancee," he says.

There were many people who rushed to help Gevirtz, including a jogger who happened to be a doctor. Witnesses say that jogger ran in to to help with CPR, too.

Gevirtz is grateful for everyone who had a hand in saving his life.

On August 21st, the city of Northville will be honoring those who helped revive Gevirtz with a special recognition ceremony.