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Metro Detroit couple say contractor took their retirement money, didn't do work

Posted at 11:56 AM, Nov 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-19 11:58:45-05

"We’re senior citizens...he took advantage of us," said Tom Dare of what he's called a taxing ordeal. 

In September, he and his wife, Bev, wrote a check for $2700 to Jeff Williams of Williams Roofing Systems,as a down payment for a brand new roof.

The Belleville couple thought he could get the job done -- and quick --- given the fact that he was already slated to do the home of their neighbor.

But what they thought would be easy, turned out to be anything but.

Promise after promise to start on the job, they say, went un-fulfilled.

Days turned into weeks--- weeks into months.

And each time they asked for a refund, they say they heard the same response -- that the contractor had purchased the supplies and that he would be doing it that following weekend.

But they say the weekend came and went with no workers on the job, no phone call, and no explanation.
"Any time you see a minus in any of your finances is kind of rough," said Tom Dare. 

The seniors, now living in retirement on a fixed income, say they truly feel the loss. 

7's Taking Action team went looking for answers. We called several times but were met with a voicemail. So we went to the address associated with the business. It was home, and the people there told us they had recently purchased the home and no one by the name of Jeff Williams lives at the residence. 

A quick search on BBB didn’t show any reviews. But Channel 7 reached out to the state’s licensing board for more information and found that Jeff Williams doesn't’t even hold a license to do the work.

"You need to return my money...This isn’t right…that’s fraud," said Bev Dare. 

The couple has now filed a complaint with BBB, and they're working on filing a complaint with the attorney general's office.