Metro Detroit parents say teacher pushed her religion on students

Posted at 5:27 PM, May 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-12 18:13:40-04

Some Dearborn parents are demanding action after they say a teacher tried to force her religion on students in a world religion class.

Parents attended the Board of Education meeting on Monday.

They say a seventh grade teacher from Woodworth Middle School gave bible lessons, told about her personal experience with baptism and showed the Passion of the Christ, an R-rated movie without the permission of parents.

Parents say their children expressed that they weren’t comfortable, but she persisted.

The movie shows the violence Jesus suffered while dying on the cross. One parent said her child came home throwing up after seeing it.

“As I watched it in anger and feel sorry that he had to be subjected to that,” one parent says.

According to the district the teacher is new to Dearborn Public Schools. In the meeting a staff member for the district said she had worked a charter school for a year and a half prior.

It’s unsure why she left.

“I am here to terminate her and I’m being honest because she went to the extremes. We are in an age where we’re trying to protect our children from social media, trying to make sure that they’re not seeing violence and things that they’re not supposed to be seeing and here I have to now worry about what’s being shown in the classroom,” another parent stated.

The district says they’re investigating and that the teacher is not teaching and is not in the classroom.

A hearing is expected to happen soon.