MSP investigating fatal Dearborn shooting

Posted at 6:15 PM, Jan 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-28 18:15:07-05

An investigation is underway into what exactly led to a Dearborn police officer shooting and killing a woman leaving Fairlane Town Center.

It happened Wednesday, around 4:30 when an officer tried to make a traffic stop. Michigan State Police are now investigating the incident.

It started when a security guard approached a 31-year-old woman around 4:30pm.

“There was some different descriptions, as far as how this person was acting either belligerent or disabled or disoriented,” said State Police Lt. Michael Shaw.

State police say the woman ran outside and into her car after the security guard approached her.

“The security officer tried to stop her, she almost ran him over,” said Lt Shaw. “They got in one of their vehicles and tried to stop her as well. She almost struck one of those vehicles.”

According to State Police, once Dearborn Police got to the scene, officers tried to make a traffic stop, but the woman almost ran over an officer.

Several shots were fired by an officer at the woman identified as Janet Wilson of Detroit. Wilson was killed by the bullets.

It is the second time a Dearborn officer has been involved in a shooting that resulted in a civilian dying since December. The cases have the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality demanding answers.

“Chief Haddad has lost control of his department,” said Chris White, a member of the coalition. “Whenever you have two people killed in less than 40 days that means you are not capable of managing your department.”

Dearborn police have released a statement saying they are saddened by both incidents and that the cases are being investigated by independent agencies.

The investigation is expected to be completed in a couple of weeks, after lab results come in. At that time, all of the findings will be taken to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, where it will be determined whether anyone will face any charges.