Mother heartbroken after her Jeep is stolen with son's wheelchair inside

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jun 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-14 18:33:03-04

A local mother, who's already struggling to care for her son with epilepsy, has a major setback.

The Jeep she depends on to get around was stolen. To make matters worse, her son's wheelchair was in it. She woke up Tuesday morning to see that it was no longer in front of her Fort Park Blvd. home.

"My life's been a mess ever since," says Rimka.

Her 25-year-old son, Michael, has epilepsy. The wheelchair gives him some independence and provides safety, especially since being on his feet for too long is dangerous. He's had seizures every day since he was a little boy.

"The type of seizure he has comes out of nowhere. I could turn my back for not even 30 seconds and it can throw him down. Everything we do is to keep this kid alive," she says.

Rimka's vehicle is a white 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport with a sticker on the passenger side. The sticker says 'Proud parent to an amazing child with epilepsy'. Rimka says the Jeep was locked at the time. She found shattered glass on the street from where the window must have been broken.

If you've seen the Jeep or have any idea where it may be, please call Lincoln Park police right away.