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Neighbors want burned out Inkster apartment building torn down

Posted at 6:43 PM, Oct 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-03 19:34:40-04

It is an eyesore. It smells. It is dangerous.

People who live near an apartment building damaged by fire a year and a half ago are fed up and want action taken to tear it down.  

Yet, after a long legal battle with the City of Inkster, it is still standing.

“It should have been torn down,” said Mitchell Green, a resident in the Cherry Hill Club Apartment Complex.

“It is really ridiculous living here,” said Valencia Dickerson.

Valencia Dickerson and Mitchell Green say they are fed up with overall conditions at the apartment buildings.  

Door locks don’t work. Dickerson sleeps with a baseball bat to stay safe. She says sewage has backed up into lower level apartments, they smell, and issues go unaddressed.

“We got white mold coming through the carpet right there. It has done been mentioned.  These problems done been mentioned to them. They switch the people in the office like you switch your bras and panties,” said Valencia Dickerson.

Both say they have watched the burned-out apartment building turn into a dangerous breeding ground for rodents.

WXYZ reached out to the city of Inkster and was told there has been a legal battle to make sure there is action. 

A settlement with the city says this will be torn down soon.

City inspectors have been out in recent days to make sure it is moving forward. 

The management company tells WXYZ new locks should be up on the doors by next month and new workers are trying to address issues.

It is working with subcontractors to get the building finally torn down and expects work to be completed by December 1.