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Outrage over Allen Park High School threats made by students

Posted at 10:25 PM, Feb 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-21 23:18:41-05

A man is speaking out about an alleged firearm related threat made by two Allen Park High School students earlier this month.

Troy Scott says the school failed to notify the public, putting peoples lives at risk.

After what happened last week in Florida, these types of threats need to be taken very seriously and urgently. That’s the message from Scott: If something like a gun related threat is made the school and those higher up need to act and they need to act quickly.

“The first student over Snapchat <superimposed> over a picture that said school shooter coming to a school near you,” is how he describes one threat.

Scott sent a letter to the Human Resources Director for Allen Park School District with concerns about two recent incidents.

“A student had taken a photograph and <superimposed> over that thanks NRA,” he says.

In the letter Scott points out the school didn’t make a public statement, putting hundreds of lives at risk.

“They felt as a result of the district not what they consider a shallow investigation that they’re safety was at stake,” he says.

Parents also sounding off.

“It’s terrifying, it’s scary,” says Terri Bertasio. “I have two small children in the elementary schools, it didn’t say which schools in particular but there’s only a few schools in the district.”

Bertasio says the school district needs to do more.

“Don’t keep us in the dark about it. This is something I believe should be taken very seriously and it hasn’t been, and I feel like we all deserve to know,” she says.

Scott even alerted the FBI.

“It was determined that it would be safe and a good idea to contact the Detroit office of the FBI and advise them of the two threats that had been made,” he said.

We tried reaching out to the Allen Park school district for a response, but haven’t heard back.