Parents concerned after bed bug found at Garden City High School

Posted at 11:19 PM, May 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-17 23:19:56-04

Many students at Garden City High School don't know what to think, after a student found a bed bug inside a classroom.

That of course scared many moms and dads, including Ken Bovensieb.

He told us he yanked his two kids out of school Wednesday morning. The father of a sophomore and senior says, "I don't want them in my house."

The school says once they heard about this single incident of bed bugs on Monday, it followed all the right protocols.

Senior Emanuel Tudosa says his entire first hour class was called down, claiming he was with others when searched for bed bugs by staff.

The school says no students were sent home today for bed bugs, but many told us they did not want to go to class with this hovering over them.

Bovensieb says he's still undecided on if he's sending his kids to school on Thursday.

He told us, "My daughter told me there were hundreds of phone calls today. People were leaving left and right."

Here's the full statement from the school posted of its website:

As shared previously, on Monday, May 15, Garden City High School had a single student incident involving a bed bug.  Protocols were followed.  There have been no additional confirmed incidents involving bed bugs.

Additionally, no students have been sent home today.  High School Administration and GRBS staff continue to monitor the situation.  We appreciate your support and concern.