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People rush to help elderly grandmother after she gets flat tire from pothole

Posted: 5:00 PM, Mar 05, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-05 22:00:52Z

Any time you hear stories about potholes, it doesn't seem to end well. Not this time!

After an elderly woman busted her tire over a pothole on Jefferson Avenue in Ecorse, several people came to her aid, including a police officer.

"Just wanted to help. I like helping people," said Ecorse Officer Darren Johnson.

After the pothole left an 82-year-old woman and her grandson in a jam, she pulled over at River's Edge Marina and got help from a few people.

Vince Quinn is the Rivers Edge Marina property manager.

He said, "It's a cold, cold day. Traffic zooming by, the poor woman was shivering. Put her in the office for a minute, 'why don't you go in here and warm up.'"

Officer Johnson arrived and called a nearby tow yard and asked them if they had a tire that could replace the busted one.

"Spoke with John over at Mars Towing and I wanted to buy her a tire and when I got there he didn't let me buy the tire, he donated the tire."

The company was so touched the officer was willing to spend his own money, they decided to pay it forward.

They tried replacing the tire but didn't have the right jack, until Quinn stepped up and helped.

A passerby stopped to help and took a photo of Officer Johnson, Vince and the driver's grandson, posting it on Facebook thanking all involved.

Officer Johnson said, "Very thankful it all worked out."

"Pleasantly surprised to see that there is good people out here helping people," Quinn added.