Plymouth golf course hosting events for women

Posted at 4:58 PM, May 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-27 16:58:45-04

A Plymouth golf course is encouraging women to learn the sport. That's why they are hosting events catered to women.

Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center in Plymouth is hosting a Wine, Women and Wedges event twice a month this summer starting June 3.

"Women can be golf just as well, or if not better than men," Julia Grelak, a marketing director said.

The event includes a lesson, hitting the links and socializing!

"30-minute instruction and have some wine and cheese with your friends and meet some new friends, so ladies love it."

Fox Hills is owned by women, so they want to encourage other women to play the sport.

"People who have never had a golf club. They come without golf clubs and we move them right through into instructional leagues," Ann Gajda explained.

This is the second time Jean Hamill has ever touched a golf club.

She is willing to give it a shot after her first experience 40 years ago was a disaster.

"Back then I could have picked it up and thrown it further than I hit it," Hamill said.

"I think that's what they think of golf that everyone has to be competitive and it doesn't have to be," Grelak added.

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