Officials approve proposed development that has many Northville Township residents up in arms

Posted at 6:22 PM, Sep 15, 2016

A major development has been approved in Northville Township, but not without some major pushback from residents.

This 53-acre on the corner of Five Mile and Beck is a former women’s prison and also the spot where developers want to drop $120 million for their new project.

The state sold this property to Northville Township back in 2012 for only one dollar. The township was required to develop the land by a certain date.

A meeting was held Thursday night where many upset residents were hoping to put the brakes on this multi-million dollar development.

The overwhelming and resounding message residents had for township officials was not in my backyard, as the community appeared to be rejecting the hundred million dollar project.

The Northville Township residents made it perfectly clear what they thought about the new development, with many flat out rejecting a second Meijer location in the area.

Resident after resident explained why the multi-million dollar development is no good for Northville Township – with many citing traffic and safety concerns.

Developers from Southfield based Redico are proposing building nearly 80 residential properties, a movie theatre and restaurants with plenty of parking on the 53 acres that used to be the site of a former women’s prison.

Representatives from both Meijer and Redico both tried to win over the minds of residents, but based on how it went there is a long way to go.

Many residents asked the question tonight - why are we doing this now?

Turns out the city acquired the property for a dollar a few years back and now the time is running out.

Residents simply feel this deal is being rushed and they want it stopped.

However, if a deal was not made soon, the township could only use the land for public use.