Search continues for mother who abandoned newborn baby in River Rouge

Posted at 5:19 PM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-18 17:19:07-04

Investigators are looking into tips that could help them find the mother of a baby girl abandoned an hour after being born.

The newborn was found in the front yard of an adult foster care home in River Rouge last night.

Today, representatives from Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn say she’s a happy, healthy baby girl being fed from a bottle.

Though abandoned, people in the community are making it clear she is wanted and showering her in love. Community members have been bringing gifts of clothes, bibs, toys and books to the hospital for the newborn.

Based on the amount of after birth (placenta) left on the newborn, police say the big concern right now is for the health of the mother, who is still missing.

“According to doctors there might be some type of infection that would set in for the mother, so we have been checking local hospitals,” says Detective Sergeant Dasumo Mitchell, River Rouge Police Department.

Police have been following up on tips and canvassing both River Rouge and Ecorse, trying to figure out who put this newborn in danger and broke the law.

“That’s the sad thing in this whole situation, she had options. She could have went 1/2 mile south or north and dropped the baby off at the police or fire department,” says Detective Sergeant Dasumo Mitchell. 

Michigan’s Safe Delivery Law allows mothers to surrender their baby within 72 hours of birth, legally, no questions asked, to an on-duty employee at a police station, fire station or hospital. Two hundred mothers have taken advantage of this law so far

Police are still searching for the birth mother, but have found many potential future families

“We believe that baby won’t have any problem finding a good home. We’ve been bombarded by calls and emails of people wanting to adopt this child,” says Detective Sargeant Dasumo Mitchell.

If you have any information about this baby’s mother please contact police.

If you want more info on the Safe Delivery Law, call the Hotline: 866-733-7733.

This link has many resources for pregnant women who need help: