Shooting suspect calls alleged victim in hospital while on the run

Posted at 10:22 PM, May 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-02 23:13:48-04

An Inkster teen shot and left for dead by her boyfriend nearly three weeks ago is still recovering in the hospital.

Meanwhile, the man she says tried to kill her called her cell phone.

The man police are looking for is 23-year-old Jaylen Hawkins.

We sat down with the victim’s family, who say they're still in disbelief he called her in the hospital and claimed he didn't mean to hurt her - even though he shot her 4 times and left her to die.

Anger, sadness and downright disgust is how Courtney Owens describes what happened to his daughter nearly three weeks ago at the village apartments in garden city after she and Hawkins argued over her phone.

Owens daughter, whose name is also Courtney, told him her boyfriend fired six to seven rounds with a 40 caliber handgun, hitting her four times, leaving her for dead.

As the family struggles seeing Courtney lying in a hospital bed in severe pain, the unthinkable happened yesterday afternoon. Hawkins, still on the run, called Courtney’s cell phone.

Owens was at her side, and listening to the conversation, says Hawkins was crying, telling his daughter he didn’t mean to hurt her.

Dad says Hawkins needs to be a man and turn himself in.

Owens says he started a GoFundMe page and says he did it for the sole purpose of raising reward money for whoever helps find Hawkins and turns him in.