Metro Detroit man asks for deportation to be delayed so he can care for sick wife

Posted at 11:47 PM, Oct 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-06 13:20:01-04

What would you do if your wife was so sick that doctors said she could not travel, but still you were being ordered to leave the United States for Albania? One Southgate family says they are facing an inhumane and horrific situation.

“I just cry and cry and cry,” said Flora Rranxburgaj.

Flora Rranzburjag has multiple sclerosis and recently suffered a stroke.  She cannot safely be left alone to care for herself, but she has been fortunate. She has a loyal husband who always takes care of her.

“I work and I try to take care of my family,” said her husband, Ded Rranxburgaj.  “My wife is very sick.”

Ded says he works two jobs to support his family, pay for his son to attend college, and for his wife’s medical care. He and their two sons, one who is in college and another who is 14-years-old work together to make sure Flora is safe.

Flora and Ded say they came to the U.S. after experiencing religious persecution in Albania.  Albania was a communist country where religious observances was banned until the early 1990s.  They wanted the freedom of religion promised in the United States.  They sought asylum.  They were turned down for asylum, because conditions improved in Albania.  However Immigrations Officials repeatedly allowed them to stay for humanitarian reasons because Flora had multiple sclerosis.  

Since the diagnosis, Flora’s condition has declined. She recently suffered a stroke. She is wheelchair bound. She relies on her husband for a lot. Doctors say she is too sick to travel. Attorneys told immigrations officials this during a recent check-in meeting Ded attended.  Attorney Mann says they told him it didn’t matter. The United States would allow Flora to stay for now, but Ded was being deported. He has been ordered to make plans to leave in January.

“Point out to the public, so they know what is being done in their name by officials that show no humanity,” said George Mann, an attorney for the Rranxburgaj family.

Mann says there are no legal moves that can stop this. At the same time he says Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials can still decide to allow this man to stay. He is hoping people will feel moved to reach out to their senators, representatives, and even the president asking for mercy for this family.

“They are killing me to send me back like that, to leave my family, to leave my 14-year-old, to leave my wife to die at home,” said Ded.

“It is just very frustrating because i don’t know what to do if my dad is not here,” said Eric Rranxburgaj, 14.

“My husband has taken care of me for lots of years,” said Flora “He is good husband, good father. I would rather they kill me than take him and leave me here.”

7 Action News reached out to ICE for comment on this case. So far no comment has been provided.